The Edge of Best-in-Breed: Fueling Growth Through Specialized Marketing Software

Outliant Editorial Team
June 15, 2023
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As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, so too does the role of marketing. In a bid to stay competitive and fuel growth, businesses are faced with a critical decision: to invest in a suite-based software solution like Adobe or Salesforce that offers a broad range of functionalities or to adopt a best-in-breed strategy, cherry-picking the top tools in the market for each specific need.

Recent trends suggest that enterprises adopting a best-in-breed marketing software stack are outpacing those opting for suite-based solutions. But what gives these companies their growth advantage? Here, we delve into the reasons that make best-in-breed tools a game-changer for enterprises.

Innovation at the Speed of Market

Innovation is the engine of growth. In this regard, best-in-breed tools shine, as they typically offer a depth of functionality that suite solutions can't match. Because they focus on a specific area, they can quickly iterate and adapt to market changes, continually refining their offerings based on user feedback and emerging trends. This focus fosters a culture of rapid innovation that keeps businesses at the cutting edge, ready to seize new opportunities for growth.

Specialization: The Key to Competitive Advantage

Specialization is another facet where best-in-breed tools excel. By nature, they are designed to provide superior features and functionality in their area of focus. This deep functionality equips enterprises with the tools they need to outperform competitors, catering to their unique business requirements and providing a better fit for specific marketing tasks.

Best-in-breed email marketing tools, like Iterable, offer advanced personalization, automation, and analytics features compared to a suite that treats email marketing as just another feature among many. The ability to leverage such specialized functionality often translates into higher campaign performance, improved customer engagement, and ultimately, accelerated growth.

Flexibility and Autonomy

Best-in-breed solutions also afford businesses a level of flexibility that suite-based solutions often can't match. They allow for a level of customization and adaptability that enables businesses to quickly pivot their strategies, respond to market dynamics, and pursue growth opportunities.

In addition, the autonomy that comes from not being locked into a single vendor's ecosystem can be a significant benefit. Vendor independence not only reduces risk but also drives competitive pricing and service improvements. Businesses have the freedom to switch tools or add new ones as better options become available, without the significant disruption or expense of replacing an entire suite. This agility allows enterprises to continually optimize their marketing operations and stay ahead of the curve.

Integration and Interoperability

Modern best-in-breed tools are designed to be API-first, facilitating seamless integration with other tools in a company's tech stack. This interoperability enables businesses to build a connected ecosystem of tools that best serve their needs, creating synergy and efficiency that can drive growth.

An integrated stack can provide a more holistic view of customer data, leading to better insights, more targeted marketing campaigns, and improved customer experiences. In turn, these benefits contribute to increased customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, faster growth.


While suite-based solutions may appear attractive due to their convenience and simplicity, businesses seeking accelerated growth should not overlook the power of best-in-breed marketing software. Their focus on innovation, specialization, flexibility, vendor independence, and interoperability give enterprises the competitive edge, enabling them to quickly respond to market changes, capitalize on new opportunities, and drive growth.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the ability to adapt and innovate is paramount. Best-in-breed marketing software tools, with their ability to offer deep functionality and specialized features, are proving to be crucial allies in the quest for growth.

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